Full new set

It takes approximately one hour and 45 minutes, eyelash extensions will be applied to all your own natural lashes. A new set includes:

  • Instructions
  • Removal of any makeup residue
  • Review of the lashes
  • Application of eyelash extensions
  • Application of Nanomist
  • After care instructions

A lashlift is for those who do not want extensions, but want to get rid of the lash curler. It is a natural bow of the lashes, making them beautifully curved, and lasts approximately 4 to 6 weeks. It does not damage your natural lashes in any way.


As a starting point you will need one hour for an infill 3 weeks after the application of a set. This may vary a little, as there are many factors that may affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions. The longer you wait, the longer an infill you need. An infill includes:

  • Removal of any makeup residue
  • Review of the lashes
  • Removing grown out lashes
  • Application of the new eyelash extensions
  • Application of Nanomist
If you need an infill of lashes not used by LashesByLBN

It is important that you book 75 minutes for an infill, as there will be extra time to review the lashes. We will check that when applied correctly, if they are stuck together and if the length and thickness etc is correct. We will need time for adequate consultation, as typically given for new full set. This is to ensure we provide the best service to our customers, new as well as regular and maintain our excellent standards.

Read more about extension care, guarantee, allergies, pregnancy etc.


Single lashes
New full set max. 1hrs and 45min 1.195 dkk
75min refill 649 dkk
60min refill 599 dkk
45min refill 549 dkk
30min refill 349 dkk
15min refill 199 dkk

Read more about Single lashes

Volume lashes
New full set max. 2hrs 1.495 dkk
75min refill 799 dkk
60min refill 749 dkk
45min refill 699 dkk
30min refill 549 dkk

For volume lashes there is a 50% discount at every fifth infill. You will be awarded a bonus card at your first treatment.

Read more about Volume lashes

Lash lift
Lash Lift max 1 h. 595 dkk
Lash Lift w colouring of upper eyelashes 650 dkk
Removal of eyelashes made by us Free
Removal of eyelashes made elsewhere 249 dkk

* We accept all major credit/ debit cards and cash in the clinic.