The different types of Eyelash Extensions

Single lashes

Single lashes are single lashes, which are very light and flexible. They are 100% synthetic and of high quality. They create a natural look, and can be be used on all types of natural lashes.
You can create different looks, depending on the eye shape.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are still single lashes, but significantly thinner and lighter in weight. This means that one can apply more of them onto your own natural lashes. Typically between 2 or 9 lashes are used to create a rich and ‘fluffy’ look. These lashes are suitable for creating fullness and a striking look. Volume lashes are the type of eyelash extensions that have the longest lasting time. It is still possible to create a beautiful natural look with volume lashes, as you are able to select the number of lashes yourself.


How long will Eyelash Extension last?

The precise length of time extensions last is down to the individual. As it is an artificial product that is applied onto your own lashes, it is very important to take good care of them. Many factors can affect their longevity, for example: wind and weather, humidity, how you sleep, how much you touch your face and eyes, your skin’s oil production, your hair texture, the use of facial products etc. As a starting point we recommend an hour of infills every 3 weeks.

Care of your lashes
  • Get an infill every 3 weeks.
  • Do not pull, pick or rub your lashes.
  • When sleeping, try to avoid direct contact between the lashes and the pillow.
  • Avoid using eyeliner/mascara/eyeshadow more than absolutely necessary as this is difficult to remove from the lashes.
  • Gently rinse your lashes with clear water 2-3 times per week, so they stay clean.
  • Avoid using any oil-based products around the eyes (preferably the whole face) as the oil will dissolve the glue and reduce their longevity.
  • ENJOY your new eyelash extensions.
Are you pregnant?

It’s no problem getting extensions applied, while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The glue contains no harmful substances that can affect you or your baby. Any special needs you may have will always be taken into consideration and facilitated to the best of our ability so that the treatment is as comfortable and relaxing as possible.


There is a small risk of developing an allergic reaction to the glue that is used. This reaction is evidenced by swollen, red or sore eyelids. If you experience this, contact your eyelash technician immediately for advice and guidance.

In case of an allergic reaction, do not panic, it is not dangerous. Just contact your technician to have your eyelashes removed at the earliest opportunity. In the worst case you may need antibiotics from your doctor, ask us about this.

*In the case of an allergic reaction a refund will not be applicable. However, we can offer you an allergic test prior to applying a new set of eyelash extensions.

Are you getting married?

If you are getting married and want to have beautiful, perfect lashes for the wedding day? We recommend you book an appointment for a full set 3 weeks prior to the wedding date, and for an infill a few days beforehand. This is in the interest of allowing time to make small adjustments, if desired, and in consideration of the small risk of developing an allergic reaction. 


We offer a 5 day warranty on new sets and infills. If an unusual amount of lashes are lost within the first five days you can call and make an appointment for a half-hour free infill.

*Money is not refunded.